The Healthy Side of Noodles Revealed

Instant noodles are a kitchen hero in a world where convenience is king. However, the story around them has been overshadowed by the presence of unhealthy choices, typically made out of refined flour (maida). This has created a dark cloud over people's perceptions of instant noodles, leading many to think that they all advocate unhealthy lifestyles. There are a lot of alternatives competing for your attention in the instant noodle section, which may be quite confusing. Unfortunately, a significant amount of these noodles are made with maida, a refined flour infamous for having little nutritional value. The false belief that all instant noodles are unhealthy has been strengthened by this. Nevertheless, the truth rests in our decisions.

Shifting Perspectives: Making Informed Noodle Selections

It's time to get rid of the illusion around noodles and realise that not all instant noodles are made equally. We may enjoy the convenience of instant noodles without sacrificing our health by making informed decisions. Enters 'Us'—a brand that challenges the stereotype and offers a delectable alternative.

Our Noodles: A Harmony of Flavour and Health

Our instant noodles have a trinity of flavours: — Curry, Schezwan, and Masala. Not only do the flavours pop, but the healthy components that make up the base are what really make them stand out. These noodles, made from oats, lentils, and brown rice, redefine the concept of well-being.

The Benefit

Our instant noodles are a celebration of health rather than merely flavour. With phenomenal 15g of protein and 9g of fibre per 100g, these noodles break free from the familiar tropes. Let's explore why we are the best option for nutritious noodles.

Brown rice, lentils, and oats: the perfect trio of wholesomeness

We are aware of the significance of the relevant elements. Brown rice offers a hint of wholesomeness, lentils provide a tonne of protein, and oats provide a strong amount of fiber. It's a nutrient-rich experience, not simply noodles.

Taste the Change: Intense Flavours and Energising Ingredients

Curry, Schezwan, and Masala - every taste narrates a tale of culinary brilliance. Not only have we perfected the sense of taste, but we've also fused it with health. You've been waiting for this revolution in flavour.

The WickedGüd Noodle Experience

Curry - A Symphony of Spices

WickedGüd Curry noodles take you on a flavorful Indian spice symphony. Crafted with aromatic herbs and spices, each mouthful is a curry dance on your tastebuds.

Schezwan - Saucy Euphoria

For Schezwan lovers, WickedGüd Schezwan noodles offer saucy euphoria. The fiery Schezwan spices ignite your palate for a tantalizing experience that leaves you craving more.

Masala - Rich and Aromatic

WickedGüd Masala noodles feature a rich, and aromatic blend of flavour. Each bite is a flavor celebration, bringing masala essence to your noodle bowl.

Why choose us? Because Health deserves a bow.

In a world full of options, we stand out as the lighthouse of health-conscious selections. It is more than simply a brand; it is a dedication to Unjunk India, One Kitchen at a Time. Choose us not only for the delicious flavours but also for the health benefits they deliver to your dish.

In a world of jargon, WickedGüd uses clear, straightforward language. No confusing labels, just healthy instant noodles that connect with your tastebuds and nourish your body. We take the stage, dispelling the misconception that all instant noodles are bad and demonstrating that flavour and health can coexist. It's time to get past the threat of the maida and into a world of healthy options. Experience noodles like never before with us, where flavour and health reach a new height.